Cake Flavors

Specialty Flavors
Handcrafted recipes perfected to create unique flavors


Strawberry Shortcake

Vanilla cake, fresh strawberries, vanilla buttercream and homemade strawberry glaze.


Cookies n Cream

Chocolate cake, oreo cookies, chocolate ganache and oreo buttercream


Cookie Butter

Brown sugar cake with Biscoff buttercream and cookie butter drizzle


Graham cracker cake, marshmallow filling, and chocolate buttercream



Classic Flavors
A vegan spin on classic flavors we all know and love



Classic chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream



Classic vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream



Classic vanilla cake with added sprinkles


Red Velvet

Classic red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream



Sweet and tangy lemon cake with lemon buttercream



Carrot spice cake, loaded with pecans, pineapples, and yellow raisins with vanilla buttercream


German Chocolate

Chocolate cake, coconut-pecan filling and chocolate buttercream



Custom Flavors

Create your own cake flavors that you will love


Cake Flavors

Vanilla ~ Lemon ~ Chocolate ~ Brown Sugar - Red Velvet ~ Marble ~Banana


Buttercream Flavors

Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~ Salted Caramel ~ Biscoff ~ Lemon ~ Oreo ~ Mocha ~ Strawberry



Lemon curd ~ Blueberry ~ Strawberry ~ Chocolate ganache ~ Raspberry ~ Caramel ~ White chocolate ganache


Fruit Fillings*

Strawberries ~ Bananas ~ Peaches ~ Blueberries ~ Mango

*based on seasonal availability